Billing Automation

The Coders

One of the services to facilitate managerial activities including reporting, time tracking, and billing of clients.

The Coders

With the company development and growth in orders, projects, and payment arrangements, reconciliation of accounts has started to consume way too much time, resulting in payment delays.

In order to automate the process, we provided the following features:

  • Data storage for financial arrangements with clients;
  • Coordination of business time tracker with financial information;
  • Automated reporting and invoicing;
  • Reporting and billing coordination interface for our managers and clients.

All our employees have specializations and grades. In turn, customers are given pricing versions - hourly rates for different specializations and grades.

Employees track time using Redmine task tracker. This time is bound to the specific task and employee, passes through the internal system and is reported. Both our managers and clients can access the report. When coordinated, the same report is used as the basic information for billing and automatically invoiced.

To control the process, company management has a dashboard, including key business financial values and the list of client billing statuses.

Technology stack Yii2 MySQL Redis Redmine API LDAP