Prometheus by Kaspersky Lab Tech Support


Prometheus is an internal online service by Kaspersky Lab for evaluating the effectiveness of the company’s PR activities. It helps you track brand mentions in the media and evaluate the quality of published articles, TV and radio reports using a specially developed methodology.


PR managers use the Prometheus service to collect statistics, quickly process information, and visualize it in the form of tables, graphs, and reports. Evaluation of the effectiveness of PR activities is measured by a number of indicators, such as the media credibility, the text sentiment, the key message penetration, the brand mentions, the speaker citation, etc.

As part of the technical support, we solved various tasks, the most significant of which was aimed at speeding up the service, optimizing the code and database.

The main screens of the service contain numerous reports and graphs, information for which is collected from various sources. It took a good deal of time to collect and process it, and sometimes the database even gave an error. As a result of our work, the pages began to open several times faster, most of the reports are now loaded within 2-3 seconds, which has a positive impact on the customer satisfaction from working with the service.

Technology stack Laravel PHP 5.6 MySQL