Wireless monitoring devices for a smart house, city and provident production.


We started to work over the project when it was partly ready. Our point was to update API, to exploit system interface design for a logging in and to prepare for an official start in Russia and other countries.

LIVENHOUSE Application

LIVENHOUSE – technologically complicated IoT project, where the major development is monitoring system of electricity with hardware based initial elements. The most important deal was to develop natively, easy and functional interface, where user won’t tangle in diagrams and data.

Due to neat design and native diagrams the end user can use the monitoring service without special arrangements and skills in data analysis.


It’s the major user page. Here he sees all controllers and can filter by the countries, cities, objects and periods. For example it’s possible to display controllers in San Francisco, villa on Canary Islands and Moscow shop.

User can fast understand where he retrenched, which equipment works not promptly and how much electricity it uses. Interface notifies about bugs and shows where the voltage surges are fixed.

Controllers and notifications

In one place you can control the condition of the controllers and make monitoring of the current situation. User can set a maximum acceptable temperature and kilowatts, and application will notify him if controllers will identify transcendence of the values.

User can add new controllers, turn them off and filter the reflection of them according to work mode.

In the controllers’ notifications it’s seen which controller exactly doesn’t have connection, where the maximum temperature was increased, which controllers are turned on now and which are turned off.

You can filter notifications- for example to find the exact controller by the name, you can make selection by notification of the exact type and to have a look by the all dates. It’s possible to delete all notifications individually or all together.

All the rest:

We have developed design of the login, where can insert the basic information, to choose needed language and to adjust program by your needs. User can get a technical support if something goes wrong.

We made a refactoring API, executed frontend project, made an architecture for migration to microservices, detected bugs and prepared project to the official release on Russian and international market.

Technology stack Docker MariaDB Symfony PHP React