Multifoto, a big chain of photography salons, offers a wide range of photography and copying services.



The old website had poor usability, it was inconvenient to select and buy items. To finalize on order, users had to follow links to third-party services and authorize first on and then on order services. That’s where they were losing their customers. We needed to streamline the online store, to improve its interlinking, and usability.


We’ve built a new 1C-Bitrix-based website using deep back-end integration with third-party services.

This website offered both usual goods and services, and a goods portfolio offered jointly with printshop partners. Website visitors were offered an online editor to select multiple products and pay for its printing and delivery. This is done using integration with Pixlpark and netPrint platforms.

We implemented custom interaction to allow the interoperability of REST API and the old 1С version that the customer has had in place. The new website exchanges product, warehouse, balance, pricing, and order data using JSON.

Technology stack 1C-Bitrix with Aspro PHP7.x MySQL MindBox CDEK Yandex.Checkout