WikiWorks Onboarding System


A step-by-step wizard for setting up a corporate portal and a help system that familiarizes a user with the key functions and assists in the initial filling.


WikiWorks is a service to manage knowledge, testing, and improve the motivation of employees. It consists of a number of functional modules with different settings.

We’re aware that high functionality of such solutions may be confusing, making it difficult to for users to get started – all the users have the same question – «What should I start with?» they are concerned with the same idea – «It’s a pretty a complicated thing.» To solve this problem, we’ve developed an onboarding system.

Users are suggested to answer a few simple questions about themselves and their companies, upload their first document to the system, and configure the progress tests to check the knowledge of the employees.

As a result, users enter the portal which already contains their corporate information. They don’t have to look at a blank screen while thinking «What should I start with?» - they can watch the portal operation immediately.

In the future, the built-in help system will allow users to understand the features of this service.

As a bonus, the WikiWorks administration received important user data and can use this data in marketing and sales activities.

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