High technologies, calculations and production of heat exchange equipment.


ReinnolC Technology Company has been creating unique heat exchange equipment and wastewater treatment facilities for more than 10 years. During this time, the company has earned a high reputation in the industry and became a resident in the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

We also had to create a corporate website for ReinnolC that was not inferior to the company itself in modernity and technology. This was achieved through well-coordinated interaction with the customer and the design team.

We had three main tasks: to perform competent backend development, implement layout and prepare the project for official launch in Russia and other countries.

What have we done:

1. Developed a website on 1C-Bitrix in a close contact with customers and the design team of the project.

2. Provided parallel operation the portal in three languages.

3. We have set up an original filter for the company's products: in two clicks, you can select the desired line of products and the scope of application of the equipment.

Results of the work:

1. We have launched a branded trilingual online platform at a qualitatively new level compared to competitors' websites.

2. We became laureates of the Golden Website contest in the nomination “Website of an industrial/Fuel and energy company or dealer“.

3. We continue technical support of the site at the request of the client.

Technology stack Bitrix MySQL