Timekeeper chat bot

The Coders

“Timekeeper” is a bot for the corporate chat in Slack for business time tracking

The Coders


Cut the financial losses of the company because of the undue timing of the employees’ working schedule.


The reminding process of working scheduling is automated. The chat bot of the Slack messenger used in the company was selected as a reminding tool.

The developed chat bot is integrated with the internal ERP and Redmine tracker.

Every morning, the bot generates a private message to those designers who have forgotten to do the proper timing for yesterday.

The employees are given time to improve the situation, afterward, the bot sends a series of 2 messages in the corporate chats.

The first message goes to the task search chat, it contains the information about the employees engaged in the internal work. This helps find commercial tasks for these employees.

The second message goes to the common chat of The company with the information about the employees who hasn't yet provided proper timing after the first reminder. This aims to put such a person to shame and remind that the timing is to be done anyway.

As the hours to be paid are working hours only, we can consider the absence of time in the system unexcused absence. This way, we automated setting the status of an unexcused absence for the employees who failed to track their work time after several reminders. Unexcused absense affect salaries in an understandable and predictable way.

The solution allowed to avoid conflicts within the staff, help managers decline all the responsibility for being “babysitters” of the employees, eliminate work-time losses, and increase the company income.

Technology stack PHP MySQL Yii2 Slack API