Knowledge management cloud platform to keep business in order and under control.


We developed the project and the promo website.

Using WikiWorks, every company can make its corporate portal using a set of functional modules including corporate structure, phonebook, knowledge and document bases, testing, payroll, and incentive systems, and news feed.

News Feed

The homepage is a news feed, that displays news about a new employee and knowledge base changes automatically. It also enables adding posts with images and online polls.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge base is the main service feature. It includes the corporate library with great structure and navigation usability. Separate documents and directories can be configured for limited access for individual employees, company divisions or broad access of the entire company.

Users can add items to favorites. Every change in documentation is automatically displayed in the news feed. Revision history is viewable. Employees can suggest changes in documents, mark information as outdated, evaluate it as helpful or unhelpful, and leave comments. Using the “Изучено” button, employees show their management that they have acknowledged the information of the knowledge base.

Document Base

Document Base allows the storage of the relevant documents and templates as well as respective access configuration.


The Testing module helps managers monitor who has learned Knowledge Base documents and who has failed to. A progress test can be assigned for every document. Different questions may be available for different titles.


Managers can monitor actual salary payments in a user-friendly payroll solution while making it transparent for employees.

Staff Motivation

The system includes various mechanisms for both tangible and intangible incentives.

An employee can be awarded as the Employee of the Month, to publicize their success.

Transparent and comprehensible records of bonuses and fines are enabled for tangible incentives. Fines are associated with Knowledge Base items to be imposed more reasonably.

Corporate Structure and Phonebook

Each corporate portal enables building its own corporate structure with different access permissions in the document and knowledge base.

The corporate phonebook is the next item of the project to allow employees to contact their colleagues when it’s required for a specific task.

Payment System

The project offers a tariff system based on the actual user count and the available file space in the cloud. Every company pays only for the user count it needs, while different tariffs are based on the module set. Modules are easily enabled and disabled in every portal. Every tariff plan has the free trial period of 14 days.

To enable payments and online sales checks Robokassa payment service is used. MailChimp mails the respective notices, where contacts are divided into groups, to portal admins, based on the portal activity.

The events are configured in order to make retargeting campaigns within the project.

Technology stack Django Django REST Vue jquery Redis Nginx Celery Docker Elasticsearch Rabbit Postgresql Websoket MailChimp Robokassa